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Overall resource flows and impacts of the region

The role of Eco Region NW

The Eco-Region NW research and information system is a prototype for much more detailed work in the future. It has a range of uses and applications:

  • Future feedback - a kind of time machine for exploring the future effects of present day choices
  • Scenario planning - a simulation model of the regional system and its long term trends
  • Social surveys - for the vital questions of what people want, hope, fear or expect
  • Education and debate - wherever schools, colleges, policy makers or the public are exploring the question of sustainability
  • Benchmarking of the environmental performance of businesses, local authorities
  • Research & monitoring for 'total carbon accounting', in sustainable consumption & production
  • Policy appraisal for regional & local plans, policies and programs
  • Data management system for any data on the theme of sustainable consumption and production