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1. Past

The Belfield project area is made up from an assortment of fragmented sites. They are all along the Roch but only one or two of them are in any form of management.

Belfield has had a range of uses in the past. These include a domestic waste tip, bleach works and a chemical plant.

There are a number of derelict structures on the site left over from its industrial past. Four mill lodges are now abandoned in the middle of a residential area with only one clean enough for local fishing clubs to use.

2. Present

Belfield is not an area where people choose to spend time - it is used primarily as a cut through to somewhere else or as a playground for anti-social activity.

The project is very close to the Belfield and Clover Hall estates within a Housing Market Renewal area.

One of the primary objectives of the project is to form an enhanced backdrop that fits with the improvements to the housing stock of East Central Rochdale, providing an accessible greenspace that connects people to places of work, repose, worship and relaxation.