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For more information please contact Andy Glover at the Forestry Commission

1. Past

LIVIA has had a varied and colourful past. It seems to have developed as the ‘backyard’ for the area with heavy industry such as a colliery, power station and two sewage works being its past main uses. The remains of the Manchester, Bury and Bolton canal also run through the project area and, although it was once a well-used resource for local industry, it is now damaged and derelict and adds to the feeling of neglect.

Fly tipping, vandalism and motorbike scrambling make the area dangerous, unwelcoming and ultimately forces down its value for local people and Greater Manchester. The nearby residential areas, the M62 and the Manchester to Bolton railway line all have to suffer this outlook.

LIVIA also makes up part of Red Rose Forest - Greater Manchester’s Community Forest which is delivering environmental improvement projects across large parts of the Manchester City Region. Red Rose Forest’s project, Green Tips, was an early precursor to Newlands, and worked on part of LIVIA. However, significant investment was needed to expand this work across the whole LIVIA project area.

2. Present

Work is due to start soon at LIVIA. Some regeneration work has already taken place with a cycleway, the Irwell sculpture trail and footpaths to nearby country parks all in place.

The area is still being used for industry and for active landfill operations. However, it holds a great deal of interesting and diverse species which will be preserved, helping to create an urban countryside for people across Greater Manchester.

The industrial heritage lives on: part of LIVIA surrounds the Clifton Industrial Estate and several small factories and retail outlets can be found in the area.